Executive Search

Regardless of the specific service required by a client, the approach to executive search is to direct market the career opportunity to candidates whose technical skills and personality place them in the target. The general steps are listed below:

The process is flexible; the objective is always to satisfy the clients staffing needs in the most efficient and timely manner possible. In addition to the thorough and objective research and recruitment process, this service provides for continued effort and support until a hire is made, including a face-to-face interview/assessment, reference checks and assistance with salary negotiation and relocation.

  1. Research the company, industry and position thoroughly.
  2. Develop a clear and operational job description after discussion with the client.
  3. Develop the marketing strategy, including the target companies, positions, and individuals.
  4. Review internal information.
  5. Actively recruit.
  6. Preliminary reference check.
  7. Personal interview and assessment.
  8. Present candidates
  9. Client interview process
  10. Final reference checks, salary negotiations, relocation assistance.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

-Mahatma Gandhi
Candidate Search

Many times an executive search firm, or a hiring organization will nearly require the identification and recruitment of prospects. The key to success is the thorough and objective recruitment of the right prospects, and documentation of the search results.We would welcome an opportunity to meet you. It would be highly appreciated if you could intimate to us your proposed area and scale of operations and your manpower recruitments. In case of any clarification, please feel free to contact us on +91 9881718130.

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